I'm just a song writer from Buffalo, NY. In my lyrics I describe events and emotions, or I try to make a strong emotional impact on whoever reads it. I'm someone who knows how rough things can get, and the fact that I'm still standing, well it makes me believe people can be strong with just a push. I don't want to make a career out of writing lyrics, it's just something I've always enjoyed. I want to go into psychology, to help people get through life. On this site, it's the only place where I'll be posting my lyrics and any pieces of writing I may have, so I hope for all who follow me, you enjoy. And learn something from my mistakes and discoveries.

Honestly? At the end of the day, when the day was exhausting and I’m fatigued when my words are slurred and my brain some what distraught after too much thinking, too much emotion. At the end of the day I just want a warm bed, with comfortable pillows with enough room to toss and turn. I don’t need someone there to sleep, in fact they’d probably make it more difficult, because I’d have to adjust to them and besides if someone broke in and I have a loaded gun, I’m tired, what makes you think I’d give a single fuck about morals at three in the morning? Love is great, it really is but even in love I wear a mask to cover up how I truly feel or what I’m really thinking. But hey, they’re happy and that’s all that matters right? I’ll br saying that as I tie the fucking rope around my neck. (Yawn) anyways like I said, love is great, if you’re with the right person and I’m tired of making decisions, I have my arms open wide, whether you want to wrap yours around me or shove that cold steel blade and thrust it into my flesh, and pierce my lungs and as I’m gasping for air drawing my last breath all I’ll ask is “Why?”.

So whichever you choose go for it because I’m tired, and all I want it to rest in this warm bed. And you can come with, or you can feel the warmth of my blood running down your hands. I told you, let this love last, or let this be the end.

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I love these gray skies with wet roads. I love seeing the world pass me by in a blur with the rumble of the car and the little bumps that make the car jump. The road is so great not because it takes you from point a to point b but because there’s so much out there to be explored, and it just says this is the way, these pretty autumn trees, with the leaves falling to the earth as the chlorophyll leaves the leaves and let’s them wither away to die, and the snow buries them in a white making them like a freezing corpse, and when spring comes those leaves that hit the ground are gone, and new leaves are ready to be born in. Beautiful, truly.

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Awesome Phone Prank

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Happy Ghost Town Tuesday

Our new song Trick Or Treat: Part 2 is up now!! Artwork by @imamachinist

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I think we all know who the architect was behind the church

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I sent this text to my friend, thought I’d share it.

But yknow what man? I’m happy, or at least comfortable. I enjoy my life yknow? I have great and supportive friends, a loving family, the freedom to be my own person, a girl that loves and cares about me, I have plans for the future and I’m able to survive on my own yknow? I love my life, and I think I’ve been through enough shit that I deserve what I have.

I’m looking up, because I’ve been looking down all my life. And it feels good, feels right. It’s been a long a shitty trip, but I think I’ve at least reached a break.

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That’s really cute

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I Wonder What’s In The Box?

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Walking Dead-inspired Halloween decorations

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